Free Riot Points Generator - 2015

   League of Legends is one of the most popular strategic arena games to this day and its popularity is growing ever higher. Its similarity to the legendary Warcraft 3 Defense of the Ancients map has been its biggest influence to the gaming community and ensured to do so by adding the currency called Riot Points and Influence Points that are used to gain certain boost items, character skins, champions or to increase your experience points gain rate, being that only Riot points can be bought with real money and Influence Points must be gained trough gameplay. Riot Games has made a video game that is very addictive and gives you a constant crave for more hours of gameplay.



   Many attempts were made by hackers to create a League of Legends hack but only few of them managed to do so. It was easy when the game was first released because Riot Games didn’t have such good security but in time a lot of hacks were rendered useless and its users were banned from the community for using the same. Back then hacks were simple like the map hack that gave you the ability to se trough the fog of war thus allowing you to see your opponent and strike at him when he doesn’t expect it. Creating Riot points hack has proven to be much more difficult because they were meant to be bought for real money so the security for it was far better than hackers expected, but not impossible to bypass. Several months of hard work and a Riot points generator was created, giving members the option to add free Riot points without being detected by the official server security. Now here is a first look and the download link for the generator:


Riot Points Generator Download [2015]


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  The most used properties of the generator was indeed the Riot points hack (or a RP hack for short) which was mainly created to add to your hash values in the account so you were able to add any sum of points that you thought was needed. Later it seamed safer to use free Riot points module rather than the injection hack method that was implemented with a patch and it served the same purpose with a higher security rating and gave a option to use the codes later or on a different account. What’s interesting about the riot points codes is that they are encrypted and are supposed to be activated prior to their supposed use. All this is possible thanks to the high speed servers owned by the developers and managed by the same.


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  When it comes to Influence points (or as they call it IP for short) its a currency that is not purchasable for real life money but earned through gameplay, and used to buy runes and runebooks, or to unlock champions. So if you wanted to have those things you had to spend a lot of time saving those points, but an alternative and a good one would be to use this IP hack program that allows you to change your IP values as well as RP values. This amazing hack is updated daily and it should not cause any problems with the game patches or effect the gameplay, unless its used irresponsibly or excessively by the user. Best amount of uses should be 5 times a week based on some of our members feedback.This Free Riot points generator was made with the help from the our developer friends that made one of the more successful League of Legends hack programs and it includes more than just RP hack, it also includes IP and Map Hack